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Saturday Afternoon In-Person Beginners APR24

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Hybrid Easter Intensive Beginners’ Russian

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Module 1

A1 mini-module: Ловись, рыбка!

Module 2

A2 mini-module: Мир, в котором я живу

Module 3

B1 mini-module: Опасная работа

Module 4

B1 TRKI self-study module: Dmitri Mendeleev

Module 5

B1 TRKI self-study module: Anna Pavlova

Module 6

B1 TRKI self-study module: Vitus Bering

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Russian Book Club: “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Russian Book Club: “The Brothers Karamazov” by F. Dostoevsky,

Russian Film Club: Compartment No. 6

Russian Film Club: Arrhythmia

3 in 1: vocab + grammar in conversation Level 1

3 in 1: vocab + grammar in conversation Level 2

3 in 1: vocab + grammar in conversation Level 3

Phonetics Made Fun

Russian Handwriting

Russian Through Film: Намедни 1980s

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