B1 TRKI self-study module: Anna Pavlova

Prepare for the TRKI exam with our unique self-study modules

These modules have been specially designed to help B1 (TRKI 1) candidates prepare for the TRKI exams. They have a particular focus on the writing test, which many students find the hardest.

You’ll get a video, several texts and commentaries, and multiple-choice quizzes which you can answer as many times as you like, along with a comprehensive explanation of how best to approach the writing and speaking tests. You will be invited to submit a written answer, to which you will receive a detailed response addressing your strengths and weaknesses, with helpful tips for further improvement.

Once you purchase your module(s) you’ll get 60 days’ access to the materials, which you can complete whenever, and as often as you’d like.

Venue online; self-study
Dates available any time
single module: £48.00
two modules: £86.40
three modules: £115.20

Level B1
If you are not sure whether this is the right level for you, please refer to RLC’s Level Guide or email [email protected]

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