Corporate courses are easy to set up: you can expect to start your course within a week of your initial enquiry. Just follow these four steps:
  1. Decide how many hours you want to book. You can choose one of our ready-made packages or build your own tailor-made course; or you can arrange a consultation before agreeing a block of hours.
  2. Agree a time for your first trial lesson.
  3. After your trial lesson confirm your course by returning your signed terms and conditions.
  4. Pay for your block of tuition.
All our corporate courses come with a built-in trial lesson, so you won’t be asked to pay for your course until you’re sure you’re happy with the approach and teacher we suggest.
Our teachers can travel to your workplace or home, or you can have lessons at our premises at Pushkin House in Holborn (click to see map). We currently offer a discount on lessons held at Pushkin House.
Lesson length
We recommend 1½ hours as a minimum lesson length for individual tuition, but some people study much more intensively - up to 6 hours a day for full immersion courses. 2-hour sessions are popular with busy corporate students who find it difficult to fit in frequent lessons.
Lessons can take place between 08.00 and 21.00 on weekdays and 09.00 and 19.00 at weekends. Lesson times are divided into peak and off-peak periods, and we offer a discount on lessons held during off-peak periods (see ‘basic rates’ below):

Off-peak periods for lessons held at your home or office are Monday to Friday, 09.00-18.00. Your lesson must start and finish between these times.

Peak periods cover lessons that start before 09.00 or finish after 18.00, and can only be held outside Pushkin House.

Timetable Flexibility
We always encourage students to come up with a realistic timetable, and then stick to it as best they can: regular study is an important part of a successful language course.

However, many of our corporate students need to fit their lessons around busy work and travel schedules, so flexibility is a key element of our corporate courses. Our teachers will always try and accommodate changes to your timetable, and lessons can be cancelled or re-scheduled at no extra cost with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

For corporate groups, a fixed timetable invariably works best. But if a student misses a lesson our teachers will always provide information and extra homework, and we’re happy to arrange individual catch-up lessons.
Course Proposal
Many of our corporate clients require a course proposal to ensure funding and approval. We are happy to provide our own course proposals or to fit our clients’ templates. Click on the links below to see sample course proposals.

Course Proposal for Beginners, 50 hours

Proposal for Corporate Language Training Programme

Trial Lesson
With all our courses your first lesson is a trial: if you’re not happy and feel the course isn’t for you after all, you can cancel the course and we won’t charge you for the course or lesson. If you are happy, then you simply continue as planned and the trial lesson will be treated as the first lesson of your block.
Basic rates for individual corporate tuition per hour (60 minutes)
Basic hourly rates are given in the table below. But don't forget you can get discounts of up to 10% by booking one of our ready-made courses.

Period Time Place Rate (excl. VAT)
Off-peak 09.00-18.00*, Mon-Fri Office or Home, or Pushkin House subject to room availability
Peak start before 09.00 or finish after 18.00, Mon-Fri Office/Home only £45
Weekends 09.00-19.00 Office/Home only £48.33

* Lessons must start and finish within these times.

† Home/Office prices are for lessons held within Zone 2. Please contact us if you would like lessons held outside Zone 2.
Ready-made courses have a fixed price; if you’re building your own tailor-made course or having a Course Consultation, we will give you a personal quote for a block of hours based on the information you supply.

After your trial lesson you will be asked to sign our Terms & Conditions before continuing with your lessons.

On receipt of signed Terms & Conditions we will then issue you with an invoice for the agreed block of hours. We ask that this be paid as soon as possible after receipt.
When your block of lessons is getting near to completion, we will contact you to ask if you would like to book an additional block. You will then be issued with an invoice, which should be paid before the new block starts.
Terms & Conditions
All students must sign a copy of our Terms & Conditions before starting a course with us. These can be viewed and downloaded here.
I quickly found out that the RLC is unique from institutions I had studied at previously in that my teacher individualizes the course structure to the student's needs.
One thing I really like about learning at RLC is that the whole experience is about Russian language and culture.
The course book produced by the RLC makes learning Russian really interesting, and gives a student plenty of opportunity to practice reading, writing and speaking skills.
My teacher also has a very engaging and supportive style and is very passionate and enthusiastic about the Russian language and its culture.
Our diverse and stimulating daytime group receives high quality, engaging tuition which matches our interests and needs.
I'm just finishing my first term and feel really inspired and enthusiastic about continuing.
Our tutor Dmitri Antonov has been an excellent guide to the complexities of the language.
The RLC appealed to me due to its central location and wide range of day and evening classes.
The quality of teaching and course material at the Centre is exceptional.
The use of different teachers also offers different accents, voices and opinions so that one's ears become more attuned to the patterns and rhythms essential to understanding what to me at least is a new language.
I've stuck at it, and my class goers have become friends as well as fellow students. We struggle through our grammar together!
Familiarity leads to greater confidence, which has also been bolstered by our excellent and extraordinarily patient teacher!
The class was young professional people and it was fun but learning was serious and the teacher maintained a strong pace.
After careful research on the internet, RLC seemed the most impressive of the options available. And what a good choice it was.
RLC at Pushkin House means there is a cultural aspect to your learning as it is in the Russian cultural centre of London so I could attend political talks or music recitals and meet others interested in Russian language and culture.
I do definitely recommend RLC. Classes are intense and demanding, but also a good fun, something really important when taking evening lessons after work.
What made me actually enrol was the relaxed, friendly, yet efficient meeting with the course director to establish my level of knowledge.
So when I learned that all the teachers at the Russian Language Centre were Russian I felt confident that I would be in good hands not only learning to speak Russian but also understanding it.
The people in my group are friendly and supportive of each other which is also important as it creates an atmosphere of shared learning.
I joined a group and, unlike large language schools, the groups are small and everyone has plenty of time to practice the language with the teacher's input.
If you are interested in learning Russian, whether as a beginner or someone who might have studied a little before, the RLC is the place to do it.
I chose the RLC after looking at several schools because I liked the flexibility of the courses, and the possibility of having one-to-one tuition, which is the option I took.
The centre has its own set of course books that I've found very effective in helping me to learn.
My teacher also has a very engaging and supportive style and is very passionate and enthusiastic about the Russian language and its culture.
One of the things I most enjoy about the course is that we can now tailor the lessons to meet our various interests.
I would recommend the RLC both for its focus on rigorous learning of the grammar (which is essential to make any real progress in Russian) and then at a later stage for its flexibility in allowing students to pursue their own interests.
I have found the atmosphere at the RLC to be very open and supportive.
From the beginning, the teachers have been motivational and invested in their students' success, giving them confidence to improve. What began as a spontaneous decision to try something new slowly became a serious hobby and then a passion.
I would recommend RLC to anyone wanting to begin learning or improve their Russian language skills.  It's an inclusive and friendly environment.
The course is very practically based and combines grammar and themes which build on the grammar with further vocabulary; for example, travel and directions, conversation about families, the weather, shopping, ordering in a restaurant and much more!
Having completed four terms, I am now having a break from studying, but may return after another few weeks travelling in Russia, for which I am even better equipped than before.
I was pleased to pass my first exams last summer as did the other two of my classmates who took the exam.  I would strongly recommend the school to other potential students.
After less than a year I was able to attend Euro 2012 in Ukraine with a friend and manage my way around without having to resort to English - and more recently, I was able to give half my wedding speech in Russian which went down very well with the in-laws!
After two years people have come and gone from the group but the core few along with our tutor have all become good friends, usually finishing each term with a visit to a Russian restaurant to toast our progress!
I am soon to visit Russia for the first time to take extra lessons and try out my linguistic abilities on the locals! This would not have been possible had it not been for the progress I am making at the RLC.