B1 mini-module: Опасная работа

Supplement your regular lessons with our fun self-study packages

Our self-study mini-modules are based around the popular and funny Russian TV series «Ералаш». Add a new component to your language-learning, study at your own pace – and have fun!

This module is aimed at students at B1 level – you should know all cases for singular and plural nouns and have a good understanding of verb aspect and verbs of motion (including basic prefixes for them).

The modules focus on listening, understanding and writing. You’ll be introduced to the new vocabulary you’ll need first, watch the video and then check your listening comprehension with a short quiz. You then have the option to submit a written piece of work for personalised feedback.

When you buy your module(s) you’ll get 60 days’ access to the materials, which you can complete whenever and as often as you’d like..

Venue online; self-study
Dates available any time
Price £30

Level B1
If you are not sure whether this is the right level for you, please refer to RLC’s Level Guide or email [email protected]

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