Prepare with RLC

Are you ready to prepare for TRKI, but not sure where to begin? We offer a range of ways to help you get ready for the TRKI exams: preparation classes at different levels, mock exams and self-study modules. Select your level from the options below to see what is available.

The course and teacher are excellent.

At first, I was a bit dubious about doing classes online, but it works well, and the professors know how to keep the entire class engaged and make it interactive.

I really enjoy RLC. The methodology and all the teachers I have had so far are all great.

The course is great and Larissa is fantastic!

The group is the right size overall and has a very good dynamic which I think helps give people the confidence to speak freely even if they make mistakes.

I was very impressed with the course (especially since it is the first time I take online classes) and the teacher is excellent dedicating time to each student.

Love it!

The teaching as always has been excellent. The teacher is encouraging, supportive and engaging.

Excellent in every respect.

Maria H is an amazing and gifted teacher and always makes each lesson a highlight of my week

Well structured course, friendly and helpful teacher

This is the best language course I have ever done. Larissa is a wonderful teacher – intelligent, entertaining, well-organised, friendly, kind.

It’s an excellent course and I enjoy both the teacher and other students.

Well delivered and very enjoyable

I really enjoy coming to the classes and I feel as though I have learned a lot.

Very enjoyable lessons, patient and friendly teacher who explains everything well.

I really enjoy studying at RLC 🙂

I think the lessons are set up really well and supported with materials.

Extremely interesting, stimulating and fun.

I have really enjoyed with learning Russian with Larissa – she is very friendly, knowledgeable, open and kind:) she makes the classes so interesting and fun!

The balance of different language skills is good and I feel like the level and speed of delivery of the content is perfect.

Love everything, thank you for the hard work setting everything up!